Alas, a multi-fandom blog. I'm still fairly new to tumblr, so I tend to reblog than create anything.

I will reblog anything that I like, that I love, that I obsess about. Avengers, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, LOTR, Hobbit, many, many other things.


daenerys: someone needs to fight for me

grey worm: i could

daenerys: no i like you

barristan: i'll do it

daenerys: no i like you too

jorah: i'll go

daenerys: no i love you long time shhh

daario: well i guess-

daenerys: yeah you go thanks bro bye

→ btvs/hannibal [1/?]

In which Buffy meets Hannibal, figures out he eats people and then decides to outpun him.

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I hear this when I see this:

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William’s face. Give me your baby, Prince William. You look tired. 

Don’t let New Parent Face happen to you (as often).

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i forgot what i was doing

saw a gif of this but i can’t remember where i saw it fff if anyone knows, please tell me!